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Full Time Hog Haus Beers
Woodstock Wheat

4.5% ABV     13 IBUs      O.G.= 1.046 s.g.

This German style Hefeweizen is our most popular beer. Brewed with 60% white wheat malt, and 40% pilsner malt. A special yeast strain contributes the characteristic fruity, spicy, clove, and banana flavors that make this style unlike any other. Just a touch of German hops provides enough balance to make it an extremely smooth beer to drink. Woodstock Wheat is unfiltered giving it a cloudy appearance.

Fat Boy Blue

4.5% ABV     13 IBUs      O.G.= 1.046 s.g.

This beer is our Woodstock Wheat but with the addition of natural blueberry flavoring. It has a very nice fresh blueberry aroma and flavor.

Curly Tail Ale

4.0% ABV      18 IBUs        O.G. = 1.040 s.g.

Our lightest ale offering, Curly Tail is brewed with pilsner and Vienna malts, and two types of hops.  A light and refreshing blonde ale that is slightly fruity with delicate hopping to balance the malt sweetness.

Ruby Red Ale

5.0% ABV   35 IBUs      O.G.= 1.056 s.g.

Brewed with imported pale malt, Honey malt for flavor, three types of caramel malt for color and flavor, Vienna and Munich malt for body. The ruby red color hints at its rich caramel maltiness. Hopped with a good amount of German hops to tame the sweetness. This is a perfect middle-of-the-road beer for those who do not want a beer that is too light, too dark, or too bitter.

Pale Rider

5.5% ABV      50 IBUs    O.G.= 1.055 s.g.

American style Pale Ale brewed with pilsner and pale for base malts, and 2 different kinds of caramel malts for some body and sweetness. Bittered with Nugget hops, then lots of Cascade for flavor and aroma. This deep orange colored beer has a large bouquet of spicy, floral, and citrus, from dry hopping (adding hops directly to the finished beer post fermentation). Long lasting hop bitterness resides on the palate in the slightly dry finish.

Java Porter

5.7% ABV     25 IBUs     O.G.= 1.050 s.g.

A Porter style beer is a weaker, lighter version of Stout. Ours is brewed with some chocolate malt and black malt for color and flavor. We use a special roast of coffee from Common Grounds for a smooth, mellow java flavor, putting a modern twist on a historic English pub tradition.

Scout Stout

6.2% ABV    30 IBUs     O.G.= 1.060 s.g.

This dark ale is brewed with ten different malts including pale, Vienna, biscuit, chocolate, roasted wheat, oat malt, roasted barley and assorted caramels for a very complex palate. The addition of toasted wheat and oats lends a silky, nutty mouth feel. Scout Stout is very full-bodied and flavorful. Nugget hops are used for bittering, while English varieties of Willamette, Fuggle, and East Kent Goldings add flavor and aroma. It finishes with a distinctive dry roasted bitterness.


6.8% ABV      75 IBUs       O.G.= 1.066 s.g.

Our I.P.A. is brewed in the West Coast fashion. Similar to the Pale Rider, but with more malt and a lot more hops, which adds more alcohol and more hop bitterness and aroma.  Our I.P.A. is hopped with high alpha acid varieties like Nugget and Chinook for bitterness, and then finished with an ample amount of Ahtanum and Cascade for aroma. This nectar is also dry-hopped for incredible aroma. Over 26 pounds of hops go into this beer.

Frisby Dog Root Beer
A Haus made old fashioned root beer.

Hog Haus Seasonal Ales

Abbey Road Belgian Pale Ale

5.3% ABV        28 IBUs      O.G. = 1.052 s.g.

This Belgian style Pale Ale was brewed with imported Belgian Pale, Aromatic, Munich and Caramel Malts. These provide the deep golden color and bread-like flavor. German Tradition and Czech Saaz help provide bitterness while Styrian Goldings and Czech Saaz add flavor and aroma. Abbey Ale yeast was used in fermentation to provide those Belgian flavors and aromas. Grab a Hogwood or Tuna Melt for an enjoyable meal with this one.

Black Hole Imperial Stout

8.8% ABV        66 IBUs      O.G. = 1.088 s.g.

Black Holes are known to be the ultimate force of gravity, sucking in everything that dares to come near it. This extremely black brew will suck you in if you dare try it.  Black Hole Imperial Stout is brewed with 10 different malts and adjuncts including Brown Malt, Chocolate Malt, Munich Malt, Roasted Barley, Special B, some Wheat Malt and some Oat Flakes.  These all add to the complex flavor.  Goldings hops from East Kent are used to help balance out the alcohol and maltiness and provide a good amount of bitterness.  Dark beer goes well with dark food, like a steak off the grill, or something sweet for dessert like our homemade bread pudding.

Hog Haus Hot Wings Pumpkin Ale

7.0% ABV      20 IBUs      O.G.= 1.068 s.g.

Autumn ale whose amber copper color resembles the falling leaves. This beer is brewed with imported pale malt, oats, and spiced with fresh grated ginger root, cinnamon sticks, crushed nutmeg, vanilla, and allspice. It’s like pumpkin pie in a glass.

Second Runnings American Amber Ale

3.5% ABV 40 IBUs O.G.= 1.036

The leftover remains of our Hop Fiend Imperial IPA, this American Amber has a pleasant caramel richness balanced by moderate hop aroma and flavor.  Second Runnings is a great session beer with plenty of flavor.

Wheel Sucker Wit

4.8% ABV 10 IBUs O.G.= 1.050

Belgian Witbier is an unfiltered, pale to light golden beer brewed with a specific type of Belgian yeast strain.  The aroma has a faint coriander and peppery background with some citrusy, orangey fruitiness.  The flavor is refreshing, pleasantly sweet, with a citrusy, dry, tart finish.  Wheel Sucker Wit is excellent after a bike ride on a hot summer’s day.

Abbey Road Belgian Dubbel

7.15% ABV   20 IBUs    O.G. = 1.069 s.g.

This deep brown ale was brewed with imported Belgian Pale, Aromatic, Caramel, Special B, and Wheat Malts. Amber Belgian candi sugar was also used to boost the alcohol and add complexity. A special strain of Belgian Abbey yeast gives it a unique flavor profile. It has an immense, complex nose with a predominance of ester from fermentation. It also has a fruity palate, generous body, and a big aftertaste. A nice compliment with the BBQ Pork Chop or the Filet.

Sille Saison

5.0% ABV      30 IBU’s         O.G.= 1.051

Saison, which is French for season, would typically be brewed during the spring months in Belgium for summer consumption.  Sille, an unfiltered brew, is yellow in color and cloudy with a white head. Aroma has a slight sourness with a faint hop character.  The flavor is dry, with a faint fruitiness and quenching acidity, and mild hop bitterness. 

Hop Fiend Imperial IPA

10.5% ABV 118 IBU’s O.G.= 1.100

This special brew packs a generous amount of hops that should please any hophead.  The aroma has an intense hop character as a result of the overabundant amount of Cascade and Ahtanum hops added to the finished beer.  The flavor has some maltiness to try and tame all the hop bitterness.  With more bitterness than anyone’s taste buds can detect, this one’s only for the fiends.

Hog Haus Seasonal Lagers
Piper's Pilsner

5.0% ABV    37 IBUs    O.G.= 1.050 s.g.

A Czech style Pilsner. This lager was brewed with imported German Pilsner malt and Czech Saaz hops for an authentic European flavor. This golden lager was dry-hopped for great aroma, and aged for four weeks for its smooth taste. Distinctively hoppy and lightly bitter flavors make this a wonderful summer beer, perfect for barbecue and spicy cuisine.

Munich Helles  

4.0% ABV    22 IBUs O.G.= 1.040 s.g.

Helles is German for light, so this is a light German style lager. This delicious brew has a slightly malty aroma. The flavor is delicate, with just enough hops to balance the malt undertones. Helles is lagered over four weeks making it very drinkable and refreshing.


Roaring Lion Marzen

5.2% ABV   26 IBUs     O.G.= 1.052 s.g.

Marzen is German for March. This amber lager is an Oktoberfest style beer brewed for early spring consumption. Roaring Lion is medium-bodied and incredibly smooth.


5.5% ABV   25 IBUs   O.G.= 1.056 s.g.

Oktoberfest is an amber lager that is brewed with imported German pilsner malt, and hopped with German Noble hops for an authentic flavor. This lager is aged for over four weeks to give it an incredible crisp, clean smoothness.  There is no better way to help celebrate the fall season.

  Wildschwien Heller Bock

6.5% ABV 36 IBUs O.G.= 1.065 s.g.

Wildschwien, also known as Heller Bock, is a light colored German beer that is stronger than a traditional lager.  It has a golden color, and a noticeable hop flavor that balances well with the maltiness of the beer. Lagered for over 4 weeks.

Black Lager

5.2% ABV   22 IBUs   O.G.= 1.053 s.g.

This lager is dark like a porter or stout but lacks much of the roasted flavors associated with those ales. Also known as Schwarzbier, our Black Lager has some chocolate malt to add color, aroma and flavor. We add a special malt called de-bittered black which adds dark color without the harsh roasted flavors typically associated with dark beers. Goes great with burgers and anything else off the grill.

6th Anniversary Ale ~ India Black Ale

6.7%ABV      67 IBUs

To celebrate our 6th Anniversary, Brewmaster Mehmet has concocted a special brew. This year we have India Black Ale; a beer as dark as Stout, but with less body and tons of Hops.  IBA was brewed with Pale 2-Row for the base, and Dark Munich, Crystal 40 & 65 for subtle malt sweetness to help balance out the huge dosing of hops. The mash was then capped with De-Bittered Black malt to provide the dark color but very little roasted flavor. Over 2 lbs per barrel of Pacific Northwest Hops were used throughout the brewing process to provide the bitterness, flavor and aroma. This brew is a perfect example of why one should never judge a book by its cover. Pairs well with spicy foods or heartier meals just like IPA.

Also look for our special Home-Brew Collaboration

Big Mother Strong Scotch Ale

10.0% ABV  29 IBUs   O.G. = 1.101 s.g.

Strong Scottish Ales are known for their high alcohol and BIG caramel maltiness; Big Mother does not disappoint.  Big Mother is brewed with imported English Pale Malt for the big base, with four different kinds of crystal malt used to enhance the caramel sweetness and beautiful brown hues. Dextrin malt and it's unfermentable sugar, is used to increase sweetness of the beer. This brew goes great with juicy, roasted meats, and most items off the grill.

Named for its big flavor and high level of alcohol, Big Mother is also a tribute to the search and rescue efforts of Navy chopper pilots during the Vietnam War, including local hero Neil Sparks, winner of the Navy Cross.

This recipe was brewed in collaboration with John Collier. This is John's second time winning the Hog Haus Homebrew Competition.

Nut Brown Ale

A northern English style brown designed by home brewer Ken Gillespie.

London Creek ESB

An English Extra Special Bitter designed by home brewer John Collier.